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Endy Igbinosa

Endy Igbinosa

Sports instructor and physiotherapist

Endy Igbinosa is ambitious and driven. He has his own multidisciplinary health center in Breda

Personal motivation

It is important for Endy to make the connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. From his holistic approach, he not only looks at a person's exercise behavior, but also the diet and sleep/rest ratio. In addition, he pays attention to stress management in order to optimize all factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. From his personal approach, he flawlessly knows how to tailor a treatment for each individual. He also has a lot of experience in business and personally guiding business owners for the benefit of a good balance, both privately and professionally.

Creating awareness and implementing behavioral changes is central to the path to physical and mental health. Endy's training sessions will take place in the sports section of Den Rooy Clinics or in good weather outside in our private park.


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