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Den Rooy Clinics

28-day stay and burnout treatment

What you can expect

stay including: *complete and intensive therapy offer *a comfortable single room *meals on high level

Duration 28 nights
Price from € 22.400,00 ex VAT

Welcome to our private clinic for burnout treatment.

After a warm welcome for you with your partner/companion, there will be an extensive intake interview with our doctor and psychologist. With reference to your personal circumstances and wishes, the suggested program will be discussed with you. You will receive a short tour of the clinic and general information regarding your stay. We'll make sure you soon feel comfortable.


Settling in and unwinding.

During the first days our team will ensure that you can settle in well. Our environment will certainly facilitate this. You will quickly feel comfortable in our oasis of peace.

Our therapy offer

Our high-quality therapy offer is multifaceted. You can count on several individual daily sessions, aimed at helping you to recover from burnout. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and psychotherapy in particular play an important role in this. You will also participate in the various activities and group conversations. These are not only aimed at psychological and physical recovery, but also at relaxation and 'learning' to enjoy again. In the evenings, after the excellent dinner, we also provide an interesting program of events. 

Ons therapieaanbod is zeer divers en van hoog niveau. U kunt dagelijks rekenen op meerdere individuele sessies gericht op herstel van burn-out. Met name Cognitieve Gedragstherapie en psychotherapie krijgen hierin veel aandacht. U gaat tevens deelnemen aan de diverse activiteiten en groepsgesprekken. Deze zijn niet alleen gericht op het psychologische en lichamelijk herstel, maar ook op ontspanning en weer ‘leren’ genieten. Na het uitgebreide diner bieden we tevens in de avond en interessant programma.  

Follow-up therapy and aftercare

Given the short length of stay, you can quickly be socially integrated and redeployed at work again, but you are not ready yet! That's understandable. In the light of this fact, we offer an ambulatory follow-up, with overnight stays, if desired or advised. We enable you to continue working with the same therapists in the familiar environment. This is what makes Den Rooy Clinics (DRC) unique. We won't stop until you're ready. 

A number of our counselors offer DRC aftercare from their own practice in your locality. As a result, a gradual reintegration at your work or company can be achieved and we can take precautions against a possible relapse.



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