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Treatment of burn-out

In recent years, the number of people who have had to deal with burnout has increased considerably. Almost 15% of all employees are confronted with burnout issues. Burnout often causes great social damage due to long absenteeism. Regular therapies are often not long enough and/or relapse after treatment is quite common. Den Rooy Clinics offers targeted treatment programs, tailored to your individual needs. We offer long-term support with excellent aftercare, which is also provided within the framework of our clinical treatment programs. In this way, you can maintain contact with your trusted therapists, even during aftercare and workplace reintegration. This makes for a successful treatment with lasting results.


Features of burnout:

In general, a burnout is caused by prolonged overload which can arise from:

-too high a workload

-prolonged stress

-private problems (relational, financial, social)

-traumatic events (in the present and/or ignored from the past, such as unprocessed grief)


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Consequences of burnout

Burnout usually develops gradually. Tension difficulties, fatigue and sleep problems slowly increase. Functioning at work and at home becomes increasingly difficult. Psychological consequences such as depression and loneliness manifest. The environment reacts more and more often by exerting even more pressure, which makes us feel even more powerless. Eventually, one gets stuck mentally. The burnout is a fact! Self-esteem and self-confidence have completely disappeared.


Treatment burnout

We take a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of burnout. A combination of rest, exercise, nutrition, and therapy form the basis of a good recovery. Den Rooy Clinics offers maximum, individually adapted support in all these treatment areas. Our ideal, secluded location is unique in this respect and of great therapeutic value in recovering from burnout. Our treatment offer is designed on the basis of empirical experience and guarantees success. Especially for companies, we are the ideal partner, providing continuous guidance during the workplace reintegration process.




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