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Everyone experiences gloomy or depressed moods at some time or other, but if these last longer than two to three weeks, a depressive disorder may be developing. A short treatment with an anti-depressant, prescribed by a general practitioner, can in some cases provide alleviation. If the symptoms persist, however, specialist therapy is advised. More than one million people in the Netherlands alone are currently taking anti-depressant medication. Depression is a challenge that everyone may have to deal with at some point in time.


Causes and Effects of Depression

We often talk about a genetic susceptibility to depression. In these cases, it may be the case that the depression lasts longer and/or returns regularly. This can also be caused by trauma and or turbulent experiences. A lack of Serotonin (the body's own 'happiness substance') plays a major role in depression. The visible consequences of depression may include gloomy mood, concentration problems, loneliness, fatigue, a preoccupation with death/suicide, apathy, and sleep problems.


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Treating depression

Successful treatment requires a holistic approach. In various areas of treatment, we will draw up a personal treatment plan with you in the ideal surroundings of our clinic. The plan will include, among other things, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and psychoeducation. You will gain insight into your condition, depressive disorder, and early warning systems that can help prevent a later relapse. We also focus on the restoration of daily routines and structures. We use Neuro Electrical Stimulation for serotonin and dopamine production. Your energy levels will increase, and you will regain the ability to set and achieve personal goals.


Relapse prevention

To prevent relapse, we offer follow up by means of refresher residential stays, possibly also multi-day, at our location and aftercare tailored specifically to your needs.


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