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Den Rooy Clinics
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We are Den Rooy Clinics:

On our 14-acre private estate, we offer the most extensive, successful, and distinctive holistic therapy programs. In the serene tranquility of this beautiful, secluded area with a homely atmosphere, you can give all your attention to your recovery. Taking full account of your specific, personal wishes, we will fully protect your anonymity.


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Discretion and personal attention count among our highest priorities. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable staff guarantee maximum return on your investment during your residential stay. We offer you a range of complementary and distinctive therapies including Traditional Chinese Medicine and optimal detoxification, as required, through the use of Neuro Electro Stimulation (NES).

To guarantee your personal attention, our capacity is restricted to a maximum of twelve clients at any one time. 

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Our team

Our vision is that healthcare workers are not just the sum of their academic qualifications. We are passionate and driven by our professional vocation. We are privileged to be a part of your recovery. We need your trust. We recognize that trust works both ways; therefore, we place our trust in you. Every person is unique and is treated as such. Only together can we achieve a positive result.



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De location

The private clinic site covers no less than 14 hectares and is completely private.

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Mission and vision

We consider ourselves an honest and reliable partner who, with expert advice and the right support, guides you to a new start.

Mission and vision


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