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Corina Akkermans

Corina Akkermans


Mrs. Akkermans (Corina) is a very driven and experienced psychologist who, in addition to her own activities working with clients, is responsible for the management of the team of therapists at Den Rooy Clinics. Over the past eight years she has worked intensively with Marc Freijzer.

About Corina

By having been directly confronted in her life with loss and grief/trauma and indirectly with addictions, she wanted to convert these life events into something positive for herself and for others.

Corina studied psychology at Utrecht University with a specialization in clinical health psychology and criminology. After this she worked in various sectors of mental health care, including forensic psychiatry, home care and clinical psychiatry.

Corina has extensive experience working with individuals (and groups) with substance use disorders and other behavioral addictions. She treats depression, anxiety, trauma, stress related problems, personality disorders and more. In addition, Corina uses techniques from different psychological approaches to tailor these to the client's needs and to encourage clients to learn outside the comfort zone and their own perspective.

Corina's connecting and empathetic approach to clients and working with them with dignity and respect has made her a successful psychologist.


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