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Bezodiazepinen Addiction

Also called benzos in the vernacular, well-known benzos include Oxazepam, Lorazepam, Diazepam, and Temazepam. Benzos are often prescribed for anxiety, sleep disturbance and stress problems. Using benzos for longer than two to three weeks to deal with such complaints in not advisable, since the risk of addiction is very high. Since the effect of benzos is quite similar to that of alcohol, they are sometimes referred to as 'dry alcohol'. A combination of benzos and alcohol, moreover, can quickly lead to overdose. Dependence on benzos can develop very quickly and, when consumption is discontinued, epilepsy or seizures may result.


Quitting Benzos

Stopping should only ever be attempted under medical supervision. At Den Rooy Clinics we have excellent support for this. Even when you have been using benzos in combination with alcohol. Since the phasing-out should be gradual, we recommend a minimum stay of six to eight weeks. Our medical team has considerable experience in successfully treating benzodiazepines dependence.


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