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Synthetic Drugs, Amphetamines (speed)

Here, we are talking, in particular, about Amphetamines, MDMA, and Ecstasy. These drugs are often used in the entertainment industry for their euphoric effect. Most of these drugs are stimulants, which increase performance. People with ADHD experience more relaxation, especially, for example, when they use speed. Speed has almost the same composition as Ritalin, which is often prescribed by the family doctor. However, amphetamines, in particular, are highly addictive and lead to rapidly rising tolerance, which means that people need to consume more often, and in larger amounts.


Consequences of amphetamine addiction

With increased use, appetite decreases significantly, leading to deficiencies of important nutrients with all kinds of detrimental physical consequences. After use, when coming down, the user also experiences a state of dejection which can last for days and sometimes even weeks.


28 days stay with an exclusive therapy offer

Rehab of amphetamines

Stopping use can have serious physical consequences. Extreme fatigue, sleep problems, gastrointestinal complaints and muscle pains can occur. During detox at Den Rooy Clinics we have the appropriate medical guidance to compensate for the dopamine deficiency. We gradually help you back to your full strength and a stable relaxed mental state through the use of a variety of therapies supplemented with Neuro Electrical Stimulation.



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