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Cannabis Addiction

A joint is often considered harmless. However, among young people who currently register for regular addiction care, more than 50% already suffer from weed addiction, compared to 18% with alcohol problems. This worrying development reflects not only the popularity of cannabis, but also its dangers. 


Meer over Cannabis verslaving

Today's cannabis is also much stronger, where the addictive THC content, in particular, has quadrupled since the sixties. Regular smoking also increases the probability of developing other addictions later in life. Smoking has the attraction that it has a relaxing effect that feels pleasant.

Consequences of a Cannabis Addiction

With regular smoking, adverse effects - depression, sleep problems and lack of motivation - quickly develop, causing considerable suffering. These side effects have direct consequences on our ability to function in society. Prolonged, regular use can even lead to psychiatric disorders such as psychosis.


Rehabbing from a cannabis addiction

In our treatment programs we address issues such as structure, physical activity, with a lot of attention given to dealing with stress. After a few weeks you will naturally reconnect with your feelings, especially the 'happy feeling'. Motivation is restored, goals are set and achieved again, which increased self-confidence. We prepare you for an energetic return to society. During the aftercare we keep a close eye on these structures and you are provided with new coping mechanisms and resources to help you develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Our programs

Symptoms of a Cannabis Addiction

Sleep problems
Lack of motivation
At a later stage, this can even lead to psychosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does a treatment in Den Rooy Clinics cost

The costs of a treatment are indicated in the relevant program and depend on the number of days of stay. We only offer help to self-payers.

Is Den Rooy Clinics an addiction clinic?

We see our clinic as a treatment center and not an addiction clinic in a general sense.

Where is Den Rooy Clinics located?

Centrally located in the Benelux, between Antwerp and Breda.


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