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Dependent on alcohol

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common addictions. More than 10% of the population can be classified as 'problem drinkers'. Dependence on alcohol often develops slowly. The first signals have often been visible for some time but are invariably downplayed with: 'I can stop when I want'! The person still thinks he has control, but after several attempts to reduce, things get out of hand again and again. The 'damage' slowly becomes visible to the environment and the difficulties pile up.


Treatment of alcohol addiction

We immediately start with the withdrawal phase upon admission; this phase is also called detox. With the help of Neuro-Electric Stimulation (NES) and careful medical support, this process typically takes about four days, usually quietly and without problems. You can soon participate in the therapy programs that will provide insights and resources that enable you to deal with life without alcohol. The duration of your stay can vary from three weeks to two months, depending on the underlying challenges.

21-day stay with intensive treatment process

28 days stay with an exclusive therapy offer

About the aftercare

After your stay, we advise you to avail of our aftercare, which is essential to prevent relapse. A short residential stay with a long-term return, or refresher, program is the most effective way to learn how to make the necessary changes in your life and to prevent relapse. Den Rooy Clinics offers a broad range of tried-and-tested services in this arena, making us a unique provider in the field of addiction treatment.

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Is Den Rooy Clinics an addiction clinic?

We see our clinic as a treatment center and not an addiction clinic in a general sense.


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