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It takes a lot of courage to have opened this page. Good thing you did this because we can help you! In our tranquil environment, we offer you the best therapies which can help you recover from addiction, burnout, or depression. Discreet and on the level.


Addiction is a disease

Partly from our own experience, we know that an addiction is not a lack of character or willpower, but a malady. Addiction is a prejudiced term, so we prefer to talk about dependence. Becoming dependent on alcohol, other drugs or medicines has not been a conscious choice but has slowly evolved. It is a conscious choice to seek help. We will welcome you without judgment, based on equality and with all the care you require, in an expert and empathetic manner. We use the most effective therapies to help you regain your strength. We do this in a fantastic environment which evokes relaxing holiday feelings, providing rest and attention for yourself without the hectic pressures of everyday life.


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Help for burnout

The social pressures of work and/or private life have become too much, - understandable in this day and age, where performance is often ranked number one. You have overstretched your own boundaries and all the energy is gone. Together, we will ensure that your strength returns, and you are provided with the tools enable you to regain top performance while enjoying life in society again. We teach you to identify the boundaries in good time and to be able to anticipate them. You can't do this alone; we can do this together. Our environment, our specialists, and your personally adapted therapy program, are ideally suited to support you in the best possible way on your path to recovery.


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Help with depression

You have been feeling gloomy and dejected for quite some time, and are no longer 'enjoying life'. Chances are you've ended up in a depression. You need help quickly. Den Rooy Clinics can help you immediately, without long waiting times. We recommend a residential stay of at least three to four weeks in our private treatment center. We can also help you reduce your medication during your stay. Long-term medication often loses its effectiveness, but stopping or phasing out is no longer possible on your own. You can avail of an extensive intake interview with our psychologist, in advance, by telephone.

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