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for a family member

Addiction, burnout, or depression all have a very harmful impact on the immediate environment. You have been experiencing this impact and are now looking for the right help because you’re at the end of your tether.

Something must change!

Don't you want to know what you need to do to help your addicted partner or family member? Are you looking for help and professional guidance? We can help you. Contact Den Rooy Clinics for the answers to these questions.

As a loved one, you are afraid of the negative consequences of admission to a regular addiction clinic. Possible collateral social damage and/or the risks of publicity are rarely given the attention they warrant. Den Rooy Clinics, on the other hand, is fully equipped to protect your social position. Your loved one will feel safe, as we offer you a 'holiday'-like solution. As a result, resistance is reduced, and the person will be more likely to accept help and treatment.

The treatment

A treatment that meets the highest standards in terms of location and therapy approaches. As a loved one, you will also receive the guidance you need and deserve during the process. Don't wait any longer, we offer admission within 24 hours in many cases. Contact Den Rooy Clinics today.


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