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News item about alcohol use

Alcohol consumption under control

Controlled drinking is a myth

If there is any controversy it is "can an alcoholic drink in a controlled manner?". By that we mean the controversy surrounding alcoholism. No one would ask that question if they were a heroin addict. Alcohol addiction is a neurobiological disease with a chronic, progressive and sometimes fatal course.


At this point we quote from the "Blue Book" of Alcoholics Anonymous: "Most of us wouldn't admit that we were real alcoholics. No one likes the thought of being physically and mentally different from others. So it's not surprising that drink careers have been marked by countless failed attempts to drink like other people. Every abnormal drinker is obsessed with the delusion that he will somehow control his drinking. It's amazing how tenaciously this illusion is held. stay with them until they cross the threshold of madness or “face death.” Many go so far as to die of this madness. had to admit without reservation that we were alcoholics This is the first step in recovery The delusion that we are or could ever become like others, mo et be shattered.

Alcoholics are men and women who have lost the ability to drink in a controlled manner. We know that no alcoholic can ever drink controlled again. We've all had times when we felt like we were in control. Such often short intervals are inevitably followed by an even greater loss of control, which over time leads to a pathetic, unimaginable decline. We have no doubt that alcoholics are in the grip of a (potent) progressive disease that gets worse and worse, but never gets better. We are like people who have lost their legs. They never grow new.” Please consider these words as the absolute truth. They are written by people who have been through alcoholic hell and know that they can no longer drink controlled.

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