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As a healthcare professional, you regularly encounter long waiting times and protocols when dealing with providers of regular care in the field of burnout, depression, and addiction problems. 

Waiting times

Your patient has no time to lose and wishes to take immediate action with your guidance, and as a specialist, you appreciate the socially vulnerable predicament of your patient. He or she wants discretion and places high demands on service and comfort. With Den Rooy Clinics you, as a professional, will be able to fulfil these wishes. 


The clinic for your high-end patients

Den Rooy Clinics supplies a wide variety of supportive therapies. In addition to the use of our Neuro Electro Stimulation, which in turn quickly stimulates dopamine, endorphins and serotonine production, we offer a holistic program comprising frequent deployment of individual therapy elements including  ACT, CBT, and psychotherapy. We also offer a wide range of stress reduction therapies: Yoga, Mindfulness Based Relapse Therapy, Qi Gong, acupuncture, and tuina massage. Our location is unique and is an important factor in the well-being of your patient, both therapeutically and emotionally. If you, as a professional, would like more information, please contact us personally; our medical team will be happy to help.


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