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Mental health problems such as burnout, addiction and depression have a major impact on your organization.

Adverse effects

Not only financially - due to absenteeism -  but certainly also due to loss of organizational performance. This problem often involves long-term absenteeism but regular care providers usually have very long waiting times before treatment can start. As an employer, you are powerless and have no leverage in the process.


No waiting times when treating addiction and burnout for employees.

Treatment at Den Rooy Clinics can normally start immediately. Thanks to the intensive and tailor-made treatment methods, your employee’s absenteeism is minimized. Given our location, centrally located in the Benelux, we can, after initial treatment, quickly switch to a combination of work and treatment. The client then stays part-time in the clinic while resuming work, so that the load can be increased slowly with minimal risk of relapse.


Discreet treatment of your employee in case of addiction

As we operate with utmost discretion, the issue of social collateral damage for our clients does not arise. As an employer, you allow your valuable employee to avail of our services. Your costs can be fully tax-deducted. You get a highly motivated, healthy, and loyal employee in return for your investment. It is well worth it. We are happy to engage directly with you, the employer, and your company doctor, if you so desire.

We are happy to help you, on medical matters, and to inform you about our terms, conditions, and rates. We would also be happy to connect you with satisfied corporate clients, who would be happy to share their experience of our services.

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