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Janine Janke

Janine Janke

Psychodynamic Therapist, Atemcoach, Achtsamkeits- und ACT-Trainer

Janine was born in Bremen/Germany in 1978 and after many years of studying, working, traveling and gaining life experience she ended up in Barcelona. After 3 years of intense living in Barcelona she suffered a burnout with panic attacks. Then she decided to change course and listen to her own needs, values ​​and standards again. It started with the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and brought her to the Netherlands in 2010.

At that time, Janine came into contact with mindfulness and experienced the power of conscious living in the here and now. Full of enthusiasm, to be able to pass on this strength to others, she founded her own business Mind Balance after completing this 2-year training to become a certified mindfulness trainer. With the aim of being able to guide people even more deeply, Janine subsequently followed the 4-year training as a psychodynamic therapist and the training as a breathing coach and ACT trainer.

She trains open groups, teaching staff and clients 1 on 1 in mindfulness. Janine also works with clients on an individual basis, using a rich treasure trove of psychodynamic techniques in addition to mindfulness and ACT. For example, you can think of systemic work, hypno and regression therapy, NLP, breath work, EMDR and (walking) coaching.

As Janine helps clients reconnect with the one and only moment, the here and now, she also helps clients gain deeper insights and understanding of their conditioning. Through greater insight into their underlying needs, values ​​and norms and with a greater understanding of the origin, nature and consequences of their destructive behavior patterns, in combination with practical tools, clients can again make more conscious choices and lead their own lives more strongly instead of of being lived.


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