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News item about Psycho Education


"An addict is someone who wants to be cuddled while isolating himself"

The goal of PE is to better understand the disease and thus better manage it. Personal experiences with one's own disease are made with the current knowledge about the Linked disease. It also uses its own resources and capabilities to prevent possible relapses, thus stabilizing your own health in the long run. The seamless explanation to our guests about the onset and conditions that lead to the chronicity of the condition contributions are an important part of the foundation for recovery. Since the affected and bereaved often find it difficult to accept the diagnosis of dependence, so psychoeducation also has the function of dismantling the stigma of addiction and barriers to seeking treatment. Insight into the causes and consequences of one's own illness, but also the sharpened Eye for connections has a positive effect on the treatment and the further course of recovery. If the individual is now actively involved in the treatment concept and treats himself Illness in exchange, so to speak, “on an equal footing” with his therapist. A healthy basis for a jointly developed treatment success. The risk of relapse can thus be significantly reduced. Affected people and especially their relatives who provide more detailed information about the clinical picture feel less helpless!

Important elements are:

• Providing information (addiction symptoms, causes, treatment concepts, etc.)
• Emotional relief (promoting understanding, exchanging experiences with other affected persons, contacts, etc.)
• Support in drug or psychotherapeutic treatment through the collaboration between therapist and patient is encouraged
• “Help for self-help” (crisis situations are recognized earlier and lead tocorresponding independent stappensteps).

Many of our participants have distanced themselves from their fellow man because of their addiction problems. They have a hard time imagining talking about private matters with people who are strangers to them and often have to deal with feelings of shame. Ignorance of what happens to a Group participation is expected, fears, misunderstood and not facing one's own problem. Acceptance often precedes contact with a group. Participants have the ability to deal with their fears within the protected framework and not to avoid them further. So it is possible to take an important first step in dealing with it. Getting to know the other participants in a relaxed way and speaking about one's own fears and expectations often has a liberating effect and relieves the pressure many have to deal with. Participants initially feel exposed. The experience of others being stuck in similar problems and the developing solidarity with each other gives certainty and encourages us to tackle problems that have been kept as secret as possible until now. Another step in theright direction! Each group member retains personal responsibility and confidentiality is always maintained. A balanced mix of individual, group and material interests is vital to the success of group therapy, and this is where our specialty therapeutic responsibility lies.

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